Misdemeanor Offenses in Ohio

Misdemeanor offenses are lower level offenses that individually generally punishable by less 6 months or less, Despite being lower level than felony, misdemeanor offenses are still quite serious and can carry severe penalties.  If convicted, the court can impose penalties including jail, community control sanctions (probation), house arrest, fines, remedial classes, etc.

Misdemeanors come in a variety of “classes.”  These range from Minor Misdemeanor (MM) to First Degree Misdemeanor (M1)

Upon conviction, the judge has the discretion to impose a sentence within the minimum and maximum terms allowed by law.  Often times, a judge will impose a jail sentence and suspend it while the offender completes a term of community control sanctions (probation).  If the offender violates the terms of community control, the judge has discretion to extend community control, add terms to community control, or terminate community control unsuccessfully and impose a jail sentence.

Collateral Effects/Sanctions

Certain occupations can limit an employee’s conviction or can refused to hire someone who has been convicted of certain offenses.  Its important to hire an attorney who can identify potential collateral sanctions and address them with the prosecutor and the court in order to avoid the loss of jobs now future opportunities.